Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Healthier and Wiser: On the Job

Healthier and Wiser

Many people who have health insurance obtain it through an employer. However, there may be times in your life when you are without coverage, facing coverage choices or grappling with retirement health issues. The "Healthier and Wiser" series will address some of the main health care coverage issues women encounter at different stages of their lives. It will point you in the direction of where to go to find more information. It is not intended as legal advice. You can check out the "Healthier and Wiser" series on Wednesdays.

This Week: On the Job

If both you and your husband are offered health care coverage through your employers, should you each enroll in your own plan, both enroll in one plan, or both enroll in both plans?

  • What you should do depends on what each of your plans says. Ask for the Summary Plan Descriptions for each plan (the documents should have this title) and read about family coverage and coordination of benefits.
  • Your plans may require that each of you be enrolled in your own employer’s plan as your primary plan. In that case, you could still enroll in your spouse’s plan, but your spouse’s plan would only cover expenses your own plan does not. You may also have a choice of choosing one plan and enrolling in family coverage. Many times, it is more cost effective for an entire family to be enrolled in one plan, and face only one deductible and set of premiums.

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