Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let Your Dough Ri$E: A Woman's Financial Recipe Book and Other Sage Advise
Sal Gorge and Maureen Cain

Maureen Cain uses Sal Gorge's clear charts and definitions to encourage women to take control of their financial futures. Covering topics such as credit card debt, planning for retirement, making the right investments, and asking for a raise, Cain motivates women to do something about their financial situations today, not tomorrow or years down the road.

Economic Stimulus Package- Treasury Payments

Don’t Miss Out on the Economic Stimulus Package!
In May, the Treasury will begin sending out payments as part of the economic stimulus package. More than 130 million households will receive between $300 and $1,200. Most people are automatically eligible after filing a 2007 federal tax return. But millions of others—including low-income workers and those who receive Social Security benefits or veterans' disability compensation, pension or survivors' benefits—may not normally file a return. If anyone you know is in this group, let them know that they must file a 2007 tax return to receive a stimulus payment.

ProSeniors and the Senior Legal Hotline have put together helpful tips sheets with answers to frequently asked questions:

For more information, visit and, using the search option, go to: Stimulus Payments: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions