Monday, January 12, 2009

SSA Launches Online Retirement Application Process

Picture this: You're lying on your couch, laptop propped on your lap, clad in your favorite pajamas. You're comfortable, you're're applying for Social Security. Sound impossible? Well Social Security has recently made this dream a possibility by introducing an online application for Social Security benefits. The new application offers a number of perks previously unavailable for Social Security applicants, including a retirement estimator and the ability to take breaks while filling out your application. You can save your Social Security application online and continue filling it out at a different time. Don't worry that this will jeopardize the security of your application: SSA guarantees that they've taken every precaution to make sure that your application is secure. Even your favorite TV stars of the past are getting in on the online application action. You can watch Patty Duke reprise her roles as cousins Cathy and Patty Lane in the SSA public service announcement posted above, which shows the identical cousins using less than identical methods of applying for Social Security. Guess which tech-savvy Lane girl has an easier time with the new online application!

For more information on applying online, check out this electronic fact sheet from SSA: "How to Apply Online for Retirement Benefits."

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