Monday, December 1, 2008

Savings Tools

Need a little help putting money aside this holiday season? Try one of these handy online tools and create a savings plan that works for you.

CNN Money Savings Calculator: This tool calculates your savings by having you answer a brief series of questions about your taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts and projected rate of return/time frame. Quick and simple, this calculator offers you an estimate on how much you will save as well as a variety of other retirement savings related tools.

Mint: touts itself as "the best free way to manage your money." Wall Street Journal seems to agree with this assessment, calling Mint "a pleasure to use." Mint offers you tools to help save for retirement, pay off your debt, and save for long term goals. By entering your information, this personal finance software automatically downloads and categorizes your credit card transactions nightly to help you identify your spending trends.

Choose To Save calculators: EBRI's Choose to Save campaign has a page chock full of calculators to help you save, as well as tools to assist you with your employee benefits, insurance, Roth IRAs and more. They also recommend their favorite savings calculators from other sites such as Motley Fool and FINRA.

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